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Top 7 Cushion ideas for your home

'Interior styling relies on cushions' says interior designer and stylist Megan Morton. 'They're the 'red- lipstick of the lounge,'.

Our guide to styling your home with cushions. Dull colour schemes, uncomfortable chairs, your landlord’s taste in sofas – a cushion (or five) can make a big difference to the look and feel of your space. Plus, with designs coming in all shapes, sizes and materials, there’s something for everyone. Not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know to nail that master mix.


Decorating with soft furniture is a simple way to make the home seem cheerful and welcoming. Cushions make hard-backed furniture more comfortable, which is a practical reason to buy them. We will, however, consider the aesthetic worth of a new cushion pile. Check out these hot recommendations from our design experts before you start 'adding to your cart to get the right cushion for your home:


1. Cushions for extra sitting options 

Most interior designers will encourage you to purchase throws, rugs, and vases to complete your decor and give it depth in addition to investing in beautiful cushions and other soft furnishings. Purchase a couple of extra big floor cushions to give your home a more interesting look while also providing you with some more sitting options.


2. Choose the Number of Cushions for Your Sofa

How many cushions you need depends on the sort of space you want. Keep to an even number of cushions in your lounge if you like a more classic look with rich colors. Go with an odd number if you're going for a more contemporary look. The placement of couch cushions may make a big impact, but we'll get to that in a moment. You might choose an odd or an even number of cushions, for the time being, depending on whether you believe the living room is more traditional or contemporary in style. When it comes to the number of cushions you need, the number and size of couches in the living room are the most important considerations. Three-seaters can have up to five cushions, two-seaters can have four, and one-seaters can have one.

3. Arrange ’em Right

Cushions may be placed at each end of the sofa for a more conventional look. Mix things up for a more contemporary or eclectic look. Avoid using more than three cushions in any one arrangement if you lack self-assurance in your own style. Using the colors from your color scheme, create an eye-catching cushion featuring a few of them. It's great to experiment with various pairings.

4. Choose Your Cushion's Size and Shape based on your needs

It's a common error for people to purchase all of the cushions in almost the same form. Boring! It's fun to play around with various shapes & sizes of cushions to keep things fresh and exciting. Add some solid colors to the mix by purchasing two different-sized cushions made of the same patterned fabric. Just one technique to match your cushions is to choose a similar color scheme.

5. Pick the right color palette

You may get a well-coordinated look in your space by carefully selecting the colours you use. It's common for the living room to have a wide range of colors and textures. A few well-chosen cushions may help bring all the elements together and balance the colors. In order to choose your color palette, sit in the room and find two to three colors that fit the following criteria:

  • Whether it's a wall painting, drapes, or a large vase, something in the space should feature the color you choose.
  • For a cohesive look, the colors you choose must harmonize with each other.
  • A color swatch online may help you choose colors, so have it handy when you shop for cushions. If not all, at least most of your cushions should be in the same color family as the rest of your decor. One of your colors should be the prevailing color on the majority of your cushions. Two or three of the colors should be included in one or two pillows. In this technique, you're able to connect your three primary colors.

6. Matchy-Matchy isn't cool

Some new sofas come with matching cushions that merge into the color of the couch and make it seem lumpy. Take them back. Rather than keeping them for yourself, give them to a friend and neighbor. Cushions that match the sofa's color should be replaced with cushions that suit the rest of the room's color combination. What an influence it makes on the whole room, you'll be shocked.

7. Perform Experiments with material

Silk, suede, and leather will give your room the sophisticated edge you've been looking for. To hit the target, you'll need to match it with curtains of the same fabric texture. Cushions decorated with embroidery, appliqué, sequins, quilted patchwork, and other ethnic techniques are excellent accents for an ethnic-themed room.

Best cushions to decorate your living room

Silk pillows with cactus motifs are handcrafted from sabra carpets in Moroccan. To achieve a faded appearance with a bohemian feel, these carpets are made of natural fibers from cactus & have been washed several times. Make a statement in any room with one of these pillows' unusual patterns and textures. These cushions will give your room a vintage, bohemian vibe. Here we will talk about the best cushions to decorate your living room. These are the following:

1. Aliyak Cushion

Size: 45 x 45cm  (May vary a little bit since they are handmade)

Material:  Cotton and Cactus Silk

Colour: Desert sand

2. Medina Cushion

Size: 40x 60cm  (May vary a little bit since they are handmade)

Material: Cotton and Cactus Silk

Colour: Faded Stone

3. Desert Cushion

Size: 45 x 45cm  (May vary a little bit since they are handmade)

Material: Cotton and Cactus Silk

Colour: Desert sand




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