Here at Blond we believe that your home should be your haven, the place you go after a long day to relax and unwind. The place that is a reflection of who you are with pieces of your life's journey. Which is why each and everyone of our pieces have been carefully selected to not only bring to our customers affordability but also quality. We hope that you love our decor pieces as much as we love finding them for your home.

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Indonesian soft furnishings

The Blond Team

Blond was founded off the back of a life-changing adventure. In 2019, we (The Fontaine family) set off on a year-long round the world trip, starting in Asia. From the outset, we were inspired and humbled by the talented craftspeople we met along the way and their beautiful work. Arriving into Indonesia, we were overwhelmed by the artisan designs, local talent and bustling markets teaming with the most beautiful handcrafted furniture and homeware.

Back in London we have been working closely with a team of locals in Indonesia, pulling together some of our favourite rattan designs. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we do, sourced on many rainy moped journeys. 

The Blond Team